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Best Practices for Designing High Density WLAN Networks

Посмотрите этот веб-семинар по требованию, где Кит Парсонс (Keith Parsons) рассуждает о темах и технологиях проектирования наиболее оптимальных беспроводный сетей LAN для высокой плотности: крупных общественных мест или даже простых дошкольных и школьных кабинетов.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how the design math and process models work, and will be pleasantly surprised on how similar they are for public venues or smaller classrooms. As your networks face the constant struggle of supporting the ever dynamic and ever growing simultaneous Wi-Fi client connections, enlighten yourself with the best practices on WLAN design processes to make sure they can keep up with this tsunami of traffic and devices.

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