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Model Any Wireless Environment Across Multiple Floors with the New Release of AirMagnet Survey (8.5)
by L. Phifer

Wireless networks are becoming ubiquitous. We connect wirelessly at our homes, offices, hotels, cafes and airports – pretty much everywhere. Wireless environment are also very dynamic: the RF (radio frequency) environment can change, new users may need to be supported, more devices may need to be supported (Bring Your Own Device; BYOD) or access points (APs) may need to be upgraded to the latest 802.11 technology. Unfortunately when these challenges emerge, many struggle with proper planning to address these problems.


For example, too many APs are placed in an arbitrary fashion without any consideration to RF obstructions (as a matter of fact, installing multiple APs can actually causes connectivity, performance and security issues, not to mention unnecessarily increasing cost). Or, non-WLAN devices are present that can cause interference.

To overcome these challenges, professional planning tool are highly recommended. Proper Wi-Fi planning can result in a faster and more efficient deployment process by:


  • Eliminating the guess work in AP placement
  • Eliminating spending on unnecessary infrastructure
  • Enabling users to deploy with Wi-Fi networks with more confidence
  • Reducing IT management costs by minimizing user complaints


The latest release of NETSCOUT’ AirMagnet Survey 8.5 addresses all these challenges. With the new version, users can better plan or model any wireless deployments (indoors and outside) and visualize coverage across multiple floors. That means IT can plan the physical rollout of APs and take into consideration all building materials and other devices, before actual deployment. The result? More accurate deployment that often times reduces the cost of APs by optimizing the count, layout and configuration of APs for maximum coverage and performance.


Visualize Multiple Floors


In addition, this level of planning enables bleed over analysis. Visualizing bleed over across floors enables users to potentially reduce infrastructure spend by reusing AP services on multiple floors. This allows an organization to use the optimal numbers of APs to meet the WLAN design/application requirements, and can help better secure the WLAN by minimizing bleed over outside the physical location of the business.

Now you can more efficiently design you network in 4 easy steps:

  • Import the floor plan and model RF environment
  • Configure and place APs on the floor plan
  • Visualize various coverage maps
  • Easily review the report
  • Prone to using OS data wipe functions that enable forensic data recovery.


With AirMagnet Survey, Deployment and Bill-of-Material reports can also be generated so an organization can easily track the work and report to management, or WLAN installers can quickly generate reports for efficient handover to the organization. And, new support for Windows 8 is included.

To download or get more information on the new release of AirMagnet Survey please visit here.


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