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Now Showing on Networks Worldwide: The Troubleshooting Rescue Featuring OneTouch AT v2
M. Mullins

Today’s network technicians are spending 48 to 58 percent more time dealing with emerging wireless LAN and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) issues, and over 37 percent report spending more time supporting VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) when compared with two years ago. Further, networks are increasingly deploying service level agreements (SLAs) with performance contracts, and network professionals are responsible for ensuring the agreement is fulfilled. Last time we checked, days aren’t magically getting any longer – so how can a network tech keep up with these growing (and demanding) issues?

To combat these troubleshooting time sinks, NETSCOUT just introduced OneTouch AT v2 software, an update for our one-button, client-to-cloud auto tester with new features to speed troubleshooting of BYOD and VoIP issues, including:

  • BYOD Management: New automated Wi-Fi discovery capabilities (including 802.11ac devices) and Wi-Fi packet capture simplify smart device management and speed problem resolution.
  • Network Performance Acceptance Testing: New wired and wireless performance tests automate the measurement and assessment of end-to-end path performance to prove that network projects were successfully completed and that the performance meets design objectives.
  • Inline VoIP Analysis: New inline test provides visibility into IP phone initialization and call control processes, and VoIP conversation quality to simplify troubleshooting of IP phone problems.

Additional new features include Path Analysis, MultiPort Statistics and more for enhanced troubleshooting and management. Try the OneTouch AT Network Assistant free on your network for five days.

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