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Vision realized: Network and Application Performance Monitoring and NPMD hit the mainstream

by Bruce Kosbab

For innovators, there are times when being out ahead of the market requires an extra helping of self-confidence. As you wait for the rest of the industry to catch up, you have to smile patiently and explain to those who don’t get what you’re doing why it’s different, how it’s better and why, ultimately, you’re on the right course… usually more than once.

At NETSCOUT, we’re constantly striving to anticipate (rather than just react to) our customers’ needs. So it’s a good thing we’ve got a strong backbone. For instance, we recognized some time ago that, as enterprise networks became more complex, to quickly root out and address the source of performance problems our customers need to be able to evaluate not just the behavior of applications and services on the network, but their interaction with the network.

That’s put us out on a somewhat different trajectory than more traditional network performance monitoring solution vendors, particularly those that focus on application performance management (APM). With our TruView appliance, we’ve given network teams the ability to see the entire network — applications, servers, security, storage devices and remote connectivity — with integrated SNMP-based, flow-based and packet-based data and analytics. That allows us to deliver not only better, richer diagnostics and a truer measure of the end-user experience, but an incredibly powerful tool set for predictive analytics and optimization.

We’ve long considered this approach to be distinct from– and superior to – the more narrow APM definition. But from a market perspective, application-aware network performance management (Network and Application Performance Monitoring) tools like TruView have often been lumped in with other NPM and APM solutions by analysts and media, despite the fact that they have somewhat (and occasionally very) different purposes. That’s created some less than apt comparisons that are confusing for customers and frustrating for NETSCOUT and other vendors.

So we’re very gratified to see that the larger market is finally coming around to our point of view.

In today’s IT environment, network teams are often at the point of the spear when it comes to identifying the source of application performance problems. With our integrated TruView solution, we can provide network teams with both real-time network-wide visibility from a single interface. Now that the industry as a whole is coming to see the competitive landscape in much the same way we do, we think we’re in a strong leadership position in a market segment that so closely aligns with our vision.

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