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OneTouch AT Virtual Training Session

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Part 1: Configuration
In module 1 our trainer, Mike Pennacchi will teach you how to configure your OneTouch AT to troubleshoot network problems and optimize Network Performance. You will learn how to configure Network Settings, Wired, Wi-Fi, Analysis, and Management Port.

Part 2: : Infrastructure Tests
In module 2 of the OneTouch AT boot Camp, Mike will teach you how to use the infrastructure tests to troubleshoot your network, (DHCP, Nearest Switch, Default Gateway and DNS). You will learn how to configure and use the most common user defined tests.
The most common user defined tests on the OneTouch AT consists of the following ICMP, TCP Connectivity, Web Test and Wired and Wi-Fi Performance testing.

Part 3: Reporting
In Part 3 of the OneTouch AT Boot Camp Mike will teach you how to save and view reports both on the unit and Link-Live. You will also learn how to use Wired Network Discovery to troubleshoot your network (Multiport stats, Path Analysis, problems and other tools).

Part 4: Wireless Discovery & Packet Capture
In the final part you will learn how to use Wireless Discovery to troubleshoot your Wi-Fi network and how to perform both wired and Wi-Fi packets captures along with the value of profiles and all about link-live.

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