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TruView™ - Enterprise Network & Application Monitoring

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Identify problem domain and root cause in a few clicks. TruView is a unified network, application and VoIp performance monitoring and troubleshooting tool that solves problems fast.

Мониторинг производительности сети

See into device/interface availability be it physical or virtual. View traffic analysis details across LAN, WAN, and Cloud environments, and uncover threatening traffic patterns where you may be playing host to rogue or other non-production traffic.


Мониторинг производительности приложений

Monitor application transactions as they occur in real-time and report response times for user, network and application tiers. Подробности операций и сводная информация сохранены и могут быть эффективно использованы для поиска и устранения неисправностей, определения нормы, обнаружения ошибок, анализа производительности и доступности, отчетов о тенденциях и многих других функций.


Мониторинг производительности VoIP

Gain one of a kind performance visibility into VoIP quality of experience in an easy to understand graphical depiction of the call, with drill down into each individual call to understand the underlying degradation factors.

TruView’s multi-tenant login support allows the cross-functional IT team to be more efficient and collaborative at solving Application, Network and VoIP performance problems.

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Почему мы терпим проблемы с сетью

Остановите это безумие! Узнайте, как накапливаются расходы из-за терпимого отношения к плохой производительности сети.

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Unified Network and Application Performance Monitoring.
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