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Первопричины проблем доступности и производительности

The growing diversity, complexity and inter-connected nature of IT means the worst can happen and quite frequently does. But what are the main causes & what can you do?

Загрузите это исследование, недавно проведенное компанией Computing, и узнайте, что ИТ-специалисты считают основной причиной возникновения проблем с диагностикой спадов производительности и их устранением.

  • If Network issues are the 2nd main cause – what is the 1st?
  • What is top in the level of difficulty they cause to an organisation?
  • What causes most pain when it comes to diagnosing and fixing performance problems?


Read how others are tackling the need for a wider, holistic, approach to performance monitoring and management in order to cope with the growing scale, limited visibility and importance of IT as a business-critical resource.


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